same as "shite" meaning "shit" or "poop" but spelt differently
bag o' shight
by shightman December 01, 2003
not much, not a whole lot, etc
Man 1: Hey boi, whaz crackalackin'?

Man 2: Shight. I just bin sittin around all day.
by D to da O to da DOUBLE N A December 01, 2003
a bastardization of shit; often used as an interjection
Shight! I lost my wallet
by Alexandra Fielding November 30, 2003
A misspelling of the word "shite" which is the (profane) slang term for fecal matter as spoken by those in the Brittish Isles.
An' I tol' me mate, it's a bunch of shite.
by sweet_red_grrl November 26, 2003
a really annoying way people trying to be funny say shit with an english accent. is never funny though.
joe american: that's a bunch of shight
jill american: ha ha ha, funny accent joe
by daftdon November 25, 2003

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