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6 definitions by KoVaH

An expression used to suggest a person not to get angry.
Man Don't even trip, She only cheated on you because she's like that.
by KoVaH November 27, 2003
10 3
One who is artistic and struggling to find a decent name on sites such as Deviantart that will convey apart of their true nature, whilst not being glaring obvious.
by kovah August 25, 2004
4 3
To make ones greatest attempt
Yo im going to make my best effort to save my money for a new car.
by KoVaH November 27, 2003
1 0
1) A General term for punishment or penalization.

2) The red hook section of brooklyn new york.
1) Man your off the hook this time, but next time the cops might lock you up.

2) Me and my boys grew up around the hook.
by KoVaH November 27, 2003
5 4
A cleaner way to say the word shit.
Aw shight i ruined the table cloth.
I took a shight on the table cloth.
by KoVaH November 27, 2003
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1) meaning your father

2) an immediate response to an a insult (see: yo mama)
1) Yo papa was here a minute ago.

2) You're so ugly!...Yo papa!
by KoVaH November 27, 2003
4 8