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a shiggins is like a magical 20 year old sexual predator. like an evil tooth fairy. he visits girls on their 14th birthday, a day usually filled with the joys of growing into a mature lady. on this day, he savagely deflowers them. unlike the tooth fairy, which brings joy and happiness, he only brings pain, suffering, and vaginal bleeding. and a life time of regret.
see that girl over there? she totally got visited by the shiggins yesterday. so sad.
by evil higgins April 30, 2009
When someone is so in love, they have Shiggins disease.
i'm so in love, i think ive contracted Shiggins
by Big Swan July 25, 2008
A homosexual alcoholic killing machine born to convert all food to pulp and all Seths to oblivion!
gettin shiggy with it

big shiggy style's all in it
by Seth May 31, 2004
A type of walk, involves uncontrolled walking, maybe even stumbling.
Can be associated with drukness.
'stop shiggin down the road'
'whos that shiggin up ahead'
'look at that cunt shiggin his way to his house'
by lovely lady November 15, 2007
When you take a poop in the top part of the toilet where the pumps and such are. The turd will stay in there because its not in the part which flushes and it will smell and the pranked person wont know where the smell is coming from.
person 1 - Man i cleaned my bathroom three times and it still smells awful!

person 2 - I bet you got the shiggins!
by daddyc865 March 27, 2009

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