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Off-trail terrain popular in hashing, typically consisting of brush, brambles, mud, and stream crossings.
I went hashing last weekend and was up to my neck in swampwater and shiggy!
by El Tee August 14, 2004
Off-road hashing (running) trail through muck, mud or other wet areas. Term derives from shigella/shigellosis - bacteria causing dysentery occurring most frequently in areas of poor sanitation such as pig sties and back-water swamp lands. Term first used by Brits & Aussies on Hash House Harrier runs (in Asia) in 1940's.
The hares laid much of the trail through deep shiggy and nearly every hasher had to wash up prior to down-downs. On On!
by De Duc December 16, 2008
An abbreviation of the name of creator of Nintendo and a lot of their emblematic characters, Shigeru Miyamoto.
Dude! did you see the regginator pwn shiggy at that Wii fit soccer game at the E3 nintendo press conference!?
Yeah! that was intense!
by TheManEatingCar November 14, 2007
The name of the Pokemon 'Squirtle' in the German versions of the popular videogame series.
Ich wähle dich, Shiggy!
by rugtas June 07, 2010
to act in a cool / rad / hip manner
"Wow, Pat, you are acting very shiggy tonight."
by PAK! June 14, 2008
The irritable mood one experiences from lack of nurishment.
Let's eat before we start getting shiggy.
by stanktastic August 12, 2006
Slang for the Nintendo character "Shy Guy."
Friend 1: Let's play Mario Tennis!
Friend 2: I call Shiggy!
by Shiggy49 April 04, 2009
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