Abbreviation of 'Shigeru Miyamoto', top game designer for Nintendo.
"Shig made a surprise appearance at E3, to promote the new Zelda game."
by Kilkrazy June 30, 2004
A portmanteau and pseudo-synonym of "shit", used to describe a blatant lie in the context of physical ability.

This noun typically refers to someone who claims that they can execute a difficult physical stunt, when in reality, they cannot, and are merely seeking props from fellow activity partners.

Fuji: "I can do five backflips yo!"
Raul: "Yeah? Show them to me right now."
Fuji: "Well, my ankle's kinda sore, so I can maybe do half a backflip right now."
Raul: "You're full of shig."

Fuji talks a lot of shig.
by hollowback September 21, 2005
'shig' is an acronym for 'See How It Goes'.
There were too many factors to plan out every detail of the trip, so we decided instead just to shig.
by Hooniverse October 20, 2015
(shortened) Shits and Giggles, also known as, Shits and Gigs.
Person: do it for the shigs.
by livdictionary May 15, 2015
A girl pig who is very aggressive in bed and likes sheep with very big chodes. Shigs are almost always horny and is ready to get in bed at any time. They are alaways sluts
That Shig is hotter than the sun.
by Mikedidixks December 17, 2014
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