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a great Canadian show for teens that deals with all kinds of issues, such as pregnancy, rape, homosexuality, self mutillation, parental abuse, abusive relationships, death, cancer, growing up, and relationships. Some people dont give it a chance because it seems "corny," but its actually a good show.
Ashley, Manny, Emma, Ellie, Liberty, Terri, Hazel, Paige, Kendra, Nadia, Jimmy, Sean, Spinner, Craig, Marco, Dylan.

"Hey, did you see the episode where Marco told spinner he was gay?!"
by Jeana January 07, 2004
to be accessorized by hanson. to make anything related to hanson in some way.
i hansonized my room by putting posters from 1997 on the wall.
by jeana August 26, 2003
a fuzzy animal, who provides wool for clothing. Also, a person who simply follows the crowd and doesn't think for themselves.
Farmers are known for having sex with sheep.
by Jeana March 28, 2004
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