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a sexy ass white guy who exudes black guy swag and is down with black girls
Is Dan a sheep? Yea he got with Shaniqa last night
by pimpluscious February 17, 2013
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a bastard
Wow..he's such a honky sheep
by Mel December 30, 2003
7 10
Things that live in sheepland.
Look at those sheep! They live in Sheepland!
by Mike August 25, 2003
7 10
a wooly thing
dam all that wool
by libby June 01, 2003
3 6
Due to the lack of women in donegal many men turn to sheep as a means to release their sexual frustration.
"come over here ya dirty beast!!"
by Fionn MacCumhaill April 13, 2005
5 9
A person who chavs it to fit in with the "in" crowd who aint "in" at all, cus erm wearin rockport wiv adidas tracksuit bottoms, strippy fred perry tops a baseball cap and a pile of gold as NEVER been in fashion, but they all do it still so they think its an act of "cool" "urban-ness" LMAO!!! and thats wot a sheep is a follower of a heard!
John:"I hate that band man, they am propa sad, anyone who listens to this shit is like, *sniff* lame!"
Dan:"Me 2 man! they are really crap!"

*Dan goes home and takes down all his posters and burns his collection of limited edition cds!*
by Trinkbar_Trina March 29, 2005
3 7
Plural of shep. Sheep are good for meat and high explosives, and should be avoided at all costs.
Arrrrrg! He's unleashed the sheep! Run!
by Jamie April 04, 2004
4 8
an animal
look at that fuzzy sheep
by Mass October 05, 2002
7 11