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A new form of vermin that is common in the U.K. Chavs wear loads of fake jewellry in a vain attempt to look wealthy or "gangsta" They also wear burberry baseball caps, branded clothes and tracksuits(even in the summer). They often spend time hanging around outside McDonalds, drinking crappy cider and saying stupid random things to passers by. They'e the main focus of my aggression at this point. Chav stands for "Council house affaliated vermin". Their language consists of words like "sick", and "innit blud" and "brruuup" and "bear pussy" and other such nonsense. Chavs should be gotten rid of and fast.
Fuckin Chavs, blobking up macdonlads, saying annoying things to you when you pass by, drive crappy cars, listen to crappy music, I HATE CHAVS!!!

Everyone who likes Chavs, Start digging some Chav holes - and make them gas proof...
by chavsuck May 09, 2006
Lead singer of Limp Bizkit and the current object of aggression from Slipknot and their frontman Corey Taylor. Durst remixes other people's music, yet he has the nerve to take the piss out of other artists. He called Slipknot fans "fat and ugle kids". When Corey found out, he made regular aggressive verbal attacks on Durst at concerts and in interviews. Since then, Slipknot have regulary tkane the piss out of Bizkit and Durst. Corey has sworn to kill Durst with his bare hands next time he insults his fans. Durst offered his side of the story, But now Corey doesn't give a shit.
Corey Taylor - Fred Durst is a good buissinessman and all, but he is not an artist. I don't give a fuck if he;s a millionare. He takes music that people love, and turns it to crap.

Fred Durst - I think Slipknot hate me because it shows how theres already so much hate.. in the world and... they hate me.

(in other words, he didn't know how to respond)
by chavsuck May 09, 2006
People who rely solely on the opinions, views and judgements of others - whether its the media, celebreties or generally just the rest of the crowd. People who respect authority from society are not sheep - this is necessary in modern life. If they obey authority if the law is bad, then they are sheep. But people who follow every fashion, follow what they see on the T.V., or do or say something just because "everyone else does it" are pure sheep. For example, people who constantly criticise George W. Bush and say he is a corrupt dictator who's not doing his job properly just because Michael Moore said so and he made a seemingly convinving documentary are clear examples of sheep. People who rebel against society and school (e.g. Chavs) for the sake of being "cool" or "rude boy" are also counted as sheep.
At my school we had a session about the Arab-Israeli crisis, and people were moaning, saying "no-one cares" or "no-one wants to do this. I say follow them." Pure Sheep.
by chavsuck May 12, 2006

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