A princess from the western mainland of china. A beautifull young ladie.
sheeps gets all the princ's
by luke thomas. March 30, 2008
sexual predator who preys on smaller, less developed children

(i.e., a wolf in sheep's skin)
The sheep hunted down and raped the small girl
by John Walsh March 10, 2003
Plural for sheep like a cow is cows or horse is horses sheep should be called Sheeps for all future generations
Hey look at the Sheeps in the paddock they look rather wooly
by Choodz August 01, 2016
People who lack self-awareness. People who scroll mindlessly through social media. People who shop instead of study. People who follow the conversations of celebrities. People who remain uneducated about where we came from, a rather recent history in the course of the Universe. People who spend their lives watching NetFlix shows (however complex they may be). People who spend more time in front of a screen than a face. People who blindly believe the government's lies. People who just want to be famous.
Sheep tend to spend their lives on the internet because it instantly gratifies their "id"- the part of our mind that demands pleasure.
by ControversialClaire May 15, 2016
A term used to describe someone who willingly follows orders and/or is reluctant to actually give orders for various reasons.
"That kid is such a sheep."
"He never gets to say anything, so what do you expect?"
by Silver Black December 13, 2014
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