In the older cartoons and stuff, the characters would be written to count sheep when they wished to go to bed.

A lot of the time, you would see the characters sitting in their bed, trying to count sheep so they would fall asleep.
Daffy Duck counted sheep a lot
by lunar shadows October 26, 2004
Domestic animal much loved by Kiwis (New Zealanders) and Scottish people. Women are substitues for sheep.
Driving down the countryside in Northern New Zealand, you will spot men with velcro gloves chasing sheep.
by badassfreakygangbanga March 29, 2004
refer to 'suxjack' or 'saxjack'
sheep1: I'll follow you!
by HUGHES!!!!!!! April 16, 2004
The national sex toy of Scotland. Ever wonder why Scottish people wear nothing under their kilts.
Scotland, where the men wear skirts, and the trees are rare, and the sheep are scared.
by lrlfofl October 22, 2003
by grishinka July 24, 2003
A person who is mean; a name for a person you dislike
Yo! you fuckin Sheep get off my case
by SPNJ January 30, 2003
an animal
look at that fuzzy sheep
by Mass October 05, 2002

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