a 7 gram crack rock.
charlie sheen blows sheens all the time
by Bossy McBoss March 12, 2011
Making your drug-induced psychosis as painfully public and humiliating as possible while thinking you are showing how cool and clever you are.
Man, George Bush was such a Sheen!

I was sheening for a bit in the 90's but now I'm cool
by Sheenburger March 09, 2011
Slang for cocaine as inspired by Charlie Sheen's coke binges.
Yo man we goin out tonight?
F*CK YA! I just picked up some sheen!

Yo bro wipe your nose, you've got sheen on ya.

Hey boss you feelin ok?
HELL YA! I've been blowin lines of sheen all night!
by awo March 07, 2011
Synonymous with HAM...to go hard like a total fucking rock star. Mainly white people go Sheen.
Hey dude did you book our hotel reservations?" "Yeah man! I got a suite so we can go Sheen up in the there
by Ocholo March 02, 2011
A slang term (from the 70's); short for "machine," generally referring to one's automobile. Used predominantly in the African-American community.
Bro 1: "Where's your sheen, bro?"
Bro 2: "Ain't got one."
by Discreetly Yours November 10, 2006
To cause serious damage to one's reputation or character, typically inflicted upon oneself.
I'd never do that and sheen myself.

We were just kidding, but then he admitted to actually sleeping with his best friend's wife and totally sheened himself.

She'd be willing to admit stealing from her boss, but she's not about to sheen herself.
by Law Reporter March 01, 2011
the definition of sheen is the human form of lucifer. sheen is only reffered to as a creature so feared and hated that rumor has it he climbed out of the deepest circles of hell to be among us. one who is "sheenlike" 's name is not spoken aloud, for fear of being smited down and/or pummeled into oblivion. whatever you do, always be on the lookout for sheen, because a sheen will definitely fuck your day up. and possibly your whole life. probably your whole life. just by existing, actually...just his presence is enough to fuck your day up. beware of the sheeeeeen! sheen is like the voldemort that can't kill you by magic...but we don't know that. and look out for a blue honda element. if you see that, it may just be the last thing you see.
2. "oh shit, sheen's home" "thatt'l fuck up your day man, sorry."
3. (verb) "son, never grow up to be a sheen."
by f@tc@ck69 June 30, 2009

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