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to win
Heard you made the Dean's Listl. You're such a Sheener!

Guys! I finally Sheened last night playing beer pong!

I'm going to play the lottery today and Sheen.
by Ayyde Sea Turtle March 13, 2011
1: Typical nerd of Chinese or Asian descent, characterised by very poor, broken English spoken with an incomprehesible accent; higher than average IQ; pants that are too high etc...

2: idiot, nerd, tool, moron, one who possesses overall gross lameness

Origin: French word for China (Chine)
1:Fix your pants before you do my homework you sheen!

2:God Shane, stop being such a sheen!
by GHtool July 11, 2006
A word made up by lazy niggers. Sheen can mean almost anything you want it to, thus a lazy word for lazy niggers. Also meaning that it can be used in lot's of rap songs because all rap songs are made up by lazy niggers too. First started with Afro Sheen because who really knows what Afro Sheen does?
"Let me Sheen a couple bucks off you"
"Dont Sheen my women"
"That's some Sheen weed"
by Che Cazzo April 16, 2008