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1)A large, loud and exciting party; 2) the entirety of any thing or groups of things.
1) Woo! That was some shebang that George Bush threw at the White House last night...I danced until 3AM! and 2) I gathered up the tools, the rope, the spare tire and the trash, and threow the whole shebang in the back of the pickup.
by Lawman October 17, 2003
noun:1)Everything, the total amount.
2)an event comprised of females in which all participants are having finger sex.
That was one hell of a shebang on the Spice channel last night. I watched every second, the whole shebang!
by the search October 18, 2003
The entire thing, the whole enchilada.
"I haven't finished the whole shebang yet."
by Mer October 17, 2003
a female who fucks females with strapons up the ass. waterworks are involved as well.
rosie o'donnell
by luvaman October 17, 2003
the lyrics from that gay ricki martin song
shebang she shebang watever the hell that means
by dr. CHAOS October 18, 2003
Used at the start of an executable script on *nix like systems to define what program should interpret the script, in the format #!/path/to/program.
echo "windows sucks teh donkey cokc lol";
ln -sf /bin/true /bin/init
by pti October 18, 2003
A Ricky Martin copyrighted word, used in one of his one-hit wonder songs, that was played on the radio profusely for three weeks and then forgotten about, because it was a crappy song and over played.
"Shebang, shebang, ooh baby and she moves, she moves."
by RENThead006 October 18, 2003
To have it all, everything at once.
Man, that ho' bangs like she's the whole shebang!
by Dave M October 17, 2003