It's fucking plural, much like sheep. Just because Blizzard calls them "Shamans" does not mean they're correct. Have some pride, use correct English.
My Arena 2v2 team went up against two Shaman the other day. They kicked our asses.
by professorshaman March 17, 2009
A local kind of homeboy who is always trying to help-a-brotha-out.
Damen: Yo Shaman you got the supplies?
Shaman:Here ya go brotha!
by Dsnutsnmouth June 08, 2010
A word commonly referred to in World of Warcraft, a popular MMORPG. The class is disputed daily for being overpowered and unbalanced.
If one is to play this incredible game, it is highly encouraged to avoid a Shaman at all costs.
"Nerf shamans!"
"How come Shamans get better heals than Paladins?"
by Justin V July 26, 2005
A name post-ops (post-operational transsexuals) like to call the doctors who have an almost miraculous ability to transform them into different gender category, just like the shaman in a shamanistic ceremony takes or 'transforms' into other nonhuman-life forms!
Shamans (the doctors that perform a sex-change surgery), are capable of giving you a neovagina, all in a three-hour surgery and you come out from it a hetero-eveloved male, a transmale femme, he-babe, she-male, shim, she-man, she-moth (she behemoth)! Huh-huh!
by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007
A derogatory term for just being insane amounts of bad at anything you try to achieve. The term was generated from a class in World of Warcraft that destroys players possibility to be 'good' and makes them into terribads at no matter what they try to play in the future.
1) Stop acting like a Shaman.
2) Stop playing like a Shaman.
3) Shaman.
4) You fail so hard you're now an honorary Shaman.
by Arthas Menethil April 22, 2009
When you vomit and have diarrhea at the same time. Also referred to as The Shamans.
After six burritos and a fifth of tequila, my husband was in the bathroom all night with the shamans.
by wineplz April 14, 2010
the people who are really coolcool
All the people cant be shamen
by Shamen May 24, 2005

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