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Religous leader: an entrepreneuer or engineer or doctor or lawyer or any person through his or her leaderrship as well well as dedication to his or her religion exibit leadership qualities in religious events or temple as in the case of hindus
Religious leader;Any one who has the capacity to lead at religious events through his dedication to his or her religious.He or she also should be dedicated to interracial and religious harmony.Ability to live and let live and treat people as people but certainly not a religious preacher or guru,but able to sing at temples when required. a rare kind of a Community leader .see Analaitivu.org
by cckv August 11, 2009
A corporate monkey who prefers to lick the arse of an imaginary being over that of a real boss, while also producing extra shit downwards.
That religious leader is so full of shit, he never does what he preaches.
by Raytay May 26, 2012