Shallow-somone who judges a person by appearance...someone who can't see art or creativity or nature...most preps/chavs are shallow
Y'know, if your shallowness gets anymore thorough it'll have depth...
by adam March 28, 2005
Some say a person is shallow because they judge a person on looks and not their personality when looking for a mate, however that is bull because there is nobody in the world who dates somebody who they deem unattractive but with a great personality, or at least, not for long. Not many people consider some people have a great personality and are really nice because they are unattractive and have to put more effort in for love and acceptance, not simply because they truly are just so funny and nice. If a person is SHALLOW in terms of how things really are, then they pick on the slightest imperfections of people expecting a person to be perfect and becoming critical about standards that shouldn't be incredibly high in certain, given aspects.
"Its good that sally is a model, but she needs to cover up her toes, they are all bent and gross."
"Man you are so ridiculously shallow."
by Cowfetus June 23, 2009
lacking depth, judging base on the surface
Person 1: "You are a bad person."

Person 2: "Name an example. Just exactly what did I do wrong?"

Person 1: *silent*

Person 2: "Can't huh!? We don't get along because you seem to already judged me by the number of friends I have on facebook!"


Person 2: "You're pretty shallow."
by kanekanekaneX June 08, 2009
1. Someone who bases attractiveness purely on looks.
2. Someone just looking to use someone else. See one night stand. Hooking up is also known to be shallow.
3. Not looking to someone's heart. A guy won't date a fat girl because she is not attractive enough, even if she's greater than any girl they know.
"Dude, look at that ass. I'mma tap that."


"Ew, too fat for me."

"She's an absolute bitch, so when I'm done fucking her I'll just dump her hot ass."
"Seriously, how shallow can you get, dude."
by masterkismet July 14, 2006
Too mentally affected to go deep into things.
He dumped his girlfriend because he was too shallow to sort things out with her.
by SomeoneNew June 22, 2012
Having the tendency to like someone based solely on their looks. Having a liking for hot people is not being shallow. Not caring what they're like because they're hot is being shallow.

What the majority of the human race is. Especially men.
DeAndre: Get away from me you fat bitch! Why am I even with you in the first place!?
Dovey: But sweetie, I love you! Didn't you say you liked smart girls?
DeAndre: Ugh, can someone call the pound on this fatass?

Two days later, the shallow bastard DeAndre died because a germ killed him after he got AIDS from some idiotic slut who can't spell her own name.
by Dove's Touch September 09, 2006
What all women are. Okay sorry 99% of women are. The other 1% live somewhere on mars.
Don't deny it. You know it's true, yet you still don't care. Fuckin morons.
by Adrian March 30, 2005

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