Morons who only like people because they're hot. They don't bother to actually get to know them.
Guy #1: Hal, lemme ask you something. Are you so shallow that you'd rather date a girl missing one breast than half a brain?
Guy #2: Ooh...toughie. Well, how's the remaining breast? Is it big?
by Elizabeth Bennett March 25, 2006
Some one who is a complete dick or dickweed that uses anything and everything against some one just because they dress a bit different or they have different interests then person A. They will ignore person A just because they think your ugly or they will act like you never knew them from any stand point relating to the past in any sense. Some one with no grace and dosen't give you nothing in return, "no gifts". They think they are perfect and own the world when in reality they couldn't care less about you and are probably jealous if they continue treating you like your the backdrop of the worlds greatest disaster. I loathe shallow people they can go to hell and when they get there they can eat the devils shit.
Ian is such a shallow cock-sucker, All he cares about is his stupid existence "which is nothing" and then he proceeds to complain about everything else and that dosen't really do much to help his disposition. Life is addictive bitch!
by Some where in a physical body. February 25, 2006
Shallow people only care about what you look like. They could give a shit less about you on an emotional level.

::Andy is the new guy in town::

Jake: "I really don't know who Andy is.. He seems cool, but who cares about that. I could care less if he's going through a hard time or not.. He's a good looking cat though and I'm just worried about having a decent looking wingman."

Tony: "Yea, I have no idea if he's doing good right now or not.. Hopefully his image will attract hott chics. Don't you just love being shallow?"

Jake: "Yea, for sure. I also like being a prick to everyone, including my girlfriend"
A disease that more than 90% of all girls have. Girls will go out with tall, hot guy even if he's a jerkwad.
More than 90% of all girls are shallow.
by Master Tonberry December 07, 2004
a person who likes someone just because of their looks.
"Yanira Saenzpardo is so shallow she didnt go out wit that guy because he dropped his milk"
by Jael January 13, 2006
someone who doesn't have any depth to them. this word is overused by people who don't get to know anybody but instead call them shallow. if you find someone who is a true shallow person they are a pain in the ass. there are many kinds of shallow people:

1. Followers- followers don't exhibit any personality or opinion at all, they just tag along with whoever they think is popular so they won't get laughed at for being themselves.

2. Groupies - groupies are usually teenage girls who travel in a large group and tell each other "I LUV YOU OMG" but dont really mean it because theyll probably hate them after they get into a little fight. groupies are the best at faking emotions and acting stupid because they think its cute.

3. Dicks- dicks are guys who spend all day long judging girls, saying if they'd tap that or not. they are always horny and dont know how to maintain a real relationship with a girl.

4. Posers- posers dont have any individuality so they try to be like everyone else. Posers are usually cocky and self absorbed and have no social skills, so you will usually find them copying your hairstyle or telling people your jokes. They are similar to followers but are just way more outspoken and annoying. Inside they just have no self-esteem and need to learn to get a life of their own.
1. Follower:

normal person: whats up? hows life?
Follower: ....fine...
normal person: whats you're favorite color?
Follower: ... i don't know..
normal person: how can you not know what your favorite color is?
Follower: ... i was afraid you would get offended...

2. Groupie:

groupie 1: aww youre my mostest bestest friend 4EVER!!!!
groupie 2: thanks! *giggle* I Luv you too!!!!
groupie 1: oh can i get your phone number so i can txt u??
groupie 2: Eww psycho stalker NO WAY i hate u!!! go away!!!

3. Dick:

Normal person: hows it going with you and stacey?
Dick: she got fat and has acne, i dumped her
Normal person: wait i thought she called you every day saying how much she loved you??
Dick: ....whatever....
normal person: dude how can you be so shallow?

4. Poser

Poser: obama sucks!! i hate him!!
Normal Person: what are you talking about obama has done more for this country than you!!
Poser: ok. Obama is WIN!
by grasshoppa December 31, 2009
1. Concerned with surface attributes only.

2. One of several adjectives that perfectly describes a yuppie or a soccer mom. See also vulgar, annoying, and arrogant.
Macgregor is a shallow soccer mom.
by Bumkicker Slade April 30, 2005

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