1) Someone who says that a certain band is "Th3 b3St3stt b4Nd EvA".
2) People who judge wholly on looks.
-It's not shallow to be more attracted to a girl/guy who's "hot". It's instinct to get a "mate" who has appealing genes.-

1) All U2 fans.

2) Most cheerleaders/jocks.
by Shallower Than Thou August 02, 2005
An adjective used to describe basically anyone attractive. SEE, pretty people MUST be shallow, huh? In a lot of cases, this is true, but not because of their appearance. A lot of people who don't fit society's standard of pretty are as shallow as a petri dish.

Also used to describe people who can pick out any guy/girl to ask out or talk to just by looking at them.
"I am NOT shallow, I like people with depth!! Nevermind that my main concern is how I look and appear to other people!"
-Paraphrase of speech given by an undeniably deep person... well the true stuff that wasn't said, anyways.
by Shameless Plug January 11, 2004
what 99,8% of all guys are...cannot look beyond someones looks, brain washed by society, normally they are really gullable obviouse people, they are the opposite of deep..watch too much day time talk shows/ reality tv umm and dont no who edgar allen poe is lol um i dunno!
Jen: woah hes hot
Kate: ya but hes a real jerk and hes raped a girl before
Jen: oh well im going for him..did i mension hes hot?

months later we read jen is raped and chopped up...she was shallow lol (that is not a true story) probably has happend..meh
by The Jesso January 27, 2005
shallow r ppl like me who just cant help themselves but fall for all the wrong ppl JUST because of their looks bc thts all the matters in their minds is social standing...social life=happiness no matter wat u half to do to get there..no1 is truely shallow but just chooses not to let themselves b hurt by not showing there true feelings because it would allow them to get hurt and they mite be "different" O NO god forbidd but unfortunatly thts the way the world works..pretty girls are shallow bitches..they are shallow bitches bc guys dont like the fact that they rnt good enuf for her so she MUST b shallow but really they rnt its stereotypical in most cases...but every hottie needs a hottie of their own so if u wanna call it shallow go ahead but its how im gonna b livingg it upp
ew no u cant date him on a hotness scale of 1-10 hes not a 12 meaning..UNDATABLEE
by tiffanyy January 21, 2005
What ugly people call good looking people just because they got turned down. Sorry I just can't see myself kissing some ugly chick.
"Will you go out with me?"
"Why not."
"You're ugly."
"You're shallow!"
"Ha ha"
by Me February 21, 2005
What fat, cocksucking ugly cunts call you after you turn them down because deep down theyre sad that theyre fat dirty scumbags who no one wants! Looks arent everything but im not going to touch some big greaseball.
"your like, so shallow because i smell like an anchovies twat!"- some stupid fatass.
by da hood' November 03, 2004
1. A person who goes out with another person strictly because of their looks. Its great and ugly people should die and burn. Im hott so i dont have to worry about ugly chicks. Ugly chicks can suck my dick and then die.

2. what i am
guy 1:DUDE SHES SOO HOTT! I'd date her in a heartbeat.

guy 2: Hell yea me 2!

Fugly girl: You guys are so shallow :'(

guy 1&2: Suck my dick!
by I am so shallow! May 12, 2005

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