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to coat a surface in a glossy substace
-Why are your floors so shiny?
-Well I went to a store and purchased some varnish and shalacked them.
by Sethzl August 06, 2007
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A good beating
You better watch out or I will Shalack you
by Rob December 04, 2002
1. To cover something with a liquid substance.
2. To become very intoxicated.
1. The cheerleader shalacked her lips with gloss.
2. I went to a party last night and got shalacked as all hell
by Shandielle November 18, 2003
The act of scratching your scrotum. It involves the use of your thumb, index, and middle finger rolling over your scrotum to relieve the irritation.
Nigel anxiously awaits to shalack his balls after church.
by Jake Suchoki December 04, 2007
A warning for a beat down.
Like that House of Pain song: Boom -shalack - lack - boom
by sxivr February 16, 2004

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