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1. (adj) To be inebriated or drunk to within an inch of your life; A good night

2. (adj) To be fucked over
1. "Man, last night I was so varnish that I shaved my balls with a circular saw"

1. "Last night was so varnish man!"

2. "Dude did you hear about Jim? His girlfriend dumped him for a bisexual goat! Talk about being varnished."
by Trigital October 27, 2010
10 2
another word for cocksucker, because they polish wood
that chick polish's so much wood we nicknamed her varnish
by Jawn Wayne, Duke of Moot October 30, 2009
4 4
To vanish to somewhere everyone knows you're at. So you dissapear but people have knowledge of knowing where you are.
"He varnished, but returned shortly...unlike waldo"
by Hank12121 June 12, 2008
3 12