Guy and girl get together, he puts his dick up her arse or her pussy, known as penis, bottom and vagina by polite people. He then puts his in hers, and moves it up and down causing her immense pleasure. However, if he aint wearing a condom that slut might end up pregnant! Can also be done by gays, involving one guy putting his dick up the other guys arse.
George and Holly were supposed to spend a steamy night having desirable sex in his bath. Then his sister Liz came home, and saw it as an opportunity, so called her friend Leanne. She turned up with her boyfriend Jason, who has the biggest dick i have ever seen!

They now perform the act of sex in the bath. On top we have Liz, who is fingering Jason up the arse as he moves up and down beneath her. She finds it rather pleasurable sat on his back dipping her feet in the bath water below.

Underneath Liz there is Jason, who now has his dick inside Leanne, who is crying with joy and pain, and in a moment you'll know why.

Leanne is in the middle of these five teenagers, and Jason has his dick up her pussy from above. Below her, George has his dick up her arse. She is crying but laughing and moaning with the feelings. Leanne is facing upwards and trying to get Liz to take her fingers out Jason's arse.

Below Leanne there is George, enjoying a brief reminder of sharing a bath with Liz as toddlers, whilst shoving his penis in and out of Leanne's arse, and licking her back.

And at the bottom of this heap of teens, there is Holly, who has her legs wrapped around George, but only just has her head high enough to avoid drowning.

You might want to try this at home...but not in the bath!
by Noko January 11, 2006
i dunno about humans. but clams.... wow.

clams begin their lives as males, developing sex organs in about a year. when they get older, they may become female. now that's hot. basically they both let their stuff out into the ocean and it makes itself. they are so sexual that if they have real sex they won't be able to bare it and can die. the "stuff" meets up somewhere downstream and makes a larva that grows a foot, grabs the sand, makes a shell, and becomes a clam.
example? two clams had sex.
by oh-baby-oh-baby May 23, 2009
When a Dick is slid inside of a pussy.

One night I decided to go clubbing with a few of my friends. We were drinking and having so much fun flirting with guys. One guy came up to the 4 of us and said do you want to go home with me? My friends comment was arent we too much for you, and we all laughed. And he said well pick some other guys then. I decided to have the rule only if your willing to fuck one yourself. Well then he said as long as I get to fuck all three of you.

So we went and found another guy willing to join in on our party. We left the club and went back to courney's place.

He got everyone a drink and said well hows this going to go down. I made the comment and said the more you 2 do together we'll do together and to you guys. When the guy(jason) started sucking the other guy (trever) I was like thats enough no further please. Who really wants to see a guy have sex.. LoL

Well courtney and Tiffany and I were already stripped and sitting next to eachother rubbing eachothers pussy's. Jason went to tiffany and Trever came over to me and courtney. we both nealt down and sucked his dick...he was very hard and big at that I would say about 8 or 9 inches. I stopped liking and sucking his dick and went down and layed on the floor and started licking courts pussy. the room was full of moans and groans. The sound was enough to keep making me hornier.

Jason and tiff came over to join us in our party and jason got on top of me and slid his hard shaft inside of me I was screaming and biting at courtneys clit. I had 2 orgasims before jason go off inside me letting of warm juices. he got up and I seen courtney went to his dick and started sucking it and tiffany came to me and licked the cum out of my wet juicy pussy. In the end we all got fucked a couple times that nite by eachother and by two hot and hard men..we got their numbers and every so often we all get together and have an orgi party
Sex is very fun when there is 3 or more people involved
by Sexy Bi July 16, 2008
Something that WoWfags will never experience
<WoWfag1> "what ish sex liek???oneone11"
<WoWfag2> "iunno, LOL!!"
by Xtreme2252 March 09, 2009
A question
The answer is yes.
by kwang June 04, 2003
1. Gender. Male or Female.

2. The greatest way for two people to earn great pleasure.
1. Name? ... Joe Sex? ... Male

2. John was horny. He wanted to have sex with shannon. John sat down on the couch next to Shannon. He put his hand on her thigh, and she looked at him with love in her eyes. He leaned closer and kissed her until they were making out feverishly. John ripped off Shannon's shirt and undid her bra. Shannon pulled John's shirt off as he began to massage her breasts in rhythm with their french kissing. She reached down and unzipped his jeans and hers, pulling them both down. He used one hand to pull off her panties. Then he removed his boxers, revealing an enourmous penis - nearly nine inches long. Shannon rubbed his penis until he was harder hen steel. His cock was so wide that she couldn't come close to getting her whole hand wrapped around it. By that time she was soaking wet, and he was ready to enter her.
He went in with his first stroke and Shannon moaned with how deep he went. He began to slide in and out, faster and harder. He used his thumb to gently massage her cilt, and started to suck on her breasts. She felt her pleasure building up inside of her, and she knew she was about to come. He hit her g-spot and she screamed with joy as she hit orgasm. John still hadn't come yet, and her screams made him even harder, so he kept penetrating her deeper and harder and faster.
Shannon became lost in his rhythm, and felt the plesure building up again.
"Ooohhhhh! John! Harder! Ooohhhhh! Yes! Yes!" she yelled, uncontrollably. He continued to massage her cilt with his fingers.
She writhed underneath him as she had another earth-shattering orgasm from her g-spot and her cilt at the exact same time. John finally came into her, and pulled out of her.
Best. Sex. Ever.
by lostinlost12345 August 13, 2007
I can remember when the air was clean and sex was dirty.

Golf and sex are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at.

An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.

Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.

Sex is like card games; if ur not patient u should have a good hand
Intellectuals read in bed, others have sex
by TheSexDictionary June 08, 2007

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