1. what porn stars are paid to do
2. what most people like to do for money or for pleasure
3. to fuck
side effects: orgasms babies
i had sex with a really hot chick last night
by cameron June 25, 2003
When a Dick is slid inside of a pussy.

One night I decided to go clubbing with a few of my friends. We were drinking and having so much fun flirting with guys. One guy came up to the 4 of us and said do you want to go home with me? My friends comment was arent we too much for you, and we all laughed. And he said well pick some other guys then. I decided to have the rule only if your willing to fuck one yourself. Well then he said as long as I get to fuck all three of you.

So we went and found another guy willing to join in on our party. We left the club and went back to courney's place.

He got everyone a drink and said well hows this going to go down. I made the comment and said the more you 2 do together we'll do together and to you guys. When the guy(jason) started sucking the other guy (trever) I was like thats enough no further please. Who really wants to see a guy have sex.. LoL

Well courtney and Tiffany and I were already stripped and sitting next to eachother rubbing eachothers pussy's. Jason went to tiffany and Trever came over to me and courtney. we both nealt down and sucked his dick...he was very hard and big at that I would say about 8 or 9 inches. I stopped liking and sucking his dick and went down and layed on the floor and started licking courts pussy. the room was full of moans and groans. The sound was enough to keep making me hornier.

Jason and tiff came over to join us in our party and jason got on top of me and slid his hard shaft inside of me I was screaming and biting at courtneys clit. I had 2 orgasims before jason go off inside me letting of warm juices. he got up and I seen courtney went to his dick and started sucking it and tiffany came to me and licked the cum out of my wet juicy pussy. In the end we all got fucked a couple times that nite by eachother and by two hot and hard men..we got their numbers and every so often we all get together and have an orgi party
Sex is very fun when there is 3 or more people involved
by Sexy Bi July 16, 2008
i dunno about humans. but clams.... wow.

clams begin their lives as males, developing sex organs in about a year. when they get older, they may become female. now that's hot. basically they both let their stuff out into the ocean and it makes itself. they are so sexual that if they have real sex they won't be able to bare it and can die. the "stuff" meets up somewhere downstream and makes a larva that grows a foot, grabs the sand, makes a shell, and becomes a clam.
example? two clams had sex.
by oh-baby-oh-baby May 23, 2009
Something that WoWfags will never experience
<WoWfag1> "what ish sex liek???oneone11"
<WoWfag2> "iunno, LOL!!"
by Xtreme2252 March 09, 2009
A question
The answer is yes.
by kwang June 04, 2003
When a man inserts his penis into a woman's vagina with the goal of producing cum and orgasming. It can be proceed by various forms of oral sex such as blow jobs and eating out
One day I came home late from work. I thought that my girlfriend/roommate Katie would be mad at me. However, when I walked through the door, she was sitting on the table in the kitchen wearing nothing more than she had been born in, her legs spread wide with her pink pussy glistening. "I've been waiting for you" she said, and immediately hopped of the table and ripped off my pants. I fell backward onto the floor, and she began to give me the best blowjob I had ever had. It was pure heaven. Even when I came in her mouth, she didn't pull away. As I stiffened again, she suddenly stopped and rearranged herself in the famous "69" position on top of me. I began to eat her out, and she made the most amazing sounds I have ever heard come from a person's mouth. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Answer it" Katie told me, "I asked a friend over". I went to the door, my erect penis in hand. When I opened it, I was greeted by Annmarie, Katie's best friend and the owner of the hugest boobs I had ever seen. She was wearing a tight pink tank top and a black mini-skirt, but not for long. She stepped over the threshold and ripped off her cloths, her breasts heaving with her breathing. She walked right past me and started eating out Katie, who was sitting on the couch. They were both making such nice sounds that I simply watched for a few minutes, pleasuring myself. Then Katie looked at me and motioned me towards Annmarie's butt. I took the hint and immediately began fucking her up the ass. She screamed in pain and pleasure mixed, and continued to eat Katie out, as I slammed into her again and again, faster and harder than I had ever fucked anyone in my entire life. Suddenly, I felt myself about to cum. I pulled out of Annmarie and shoved her onto the couch next to Katie and gave them both the biggest facial that they had ever had. This was the best night of my life, oral sex and anal sex with two beautiful girls.
by hornyman79 January 11, 2009
When two people get naked and have ALOT of fun. Usually boy-girl, sometimes boy-boy or girl-girl
Marc had just come home from a long business trip. He burst through the door, and kissed Anna, his wife who just happened to be standing nearby. "You wouldn't want to know what I had to go through" said Marc. "oh, but you will have to go through one more thing." replied Anna, smiling. She then led him to their bedroom, never breaking their kiss. They flopped on to their bed, still kissing. Marc slowly reached up under Anna's shirt and stroked her soft skin. This lasted for about 10 seconds. Then, slowly, Marc reached up and took Anna's top off, revealing two breasts under a lovely black lace bra. He took a deep breath in her boobs, taking in the succulent smell of them. Anna then removed his shirt and fingered his muscular body. They kept kissing, having moved on to French kisses while Marc massaged Anna's boobs and she fingered him, both were breathing deeply. Marc then turned around, still on the top and began to unbutton Anna's jeans. Anna did the same and lifted his cock out of his boxers. Marc then ate every single candy off her candy thong, then snapped the string that held it together. The thong came apart easily. both of them moaned in pleasure, both also on the verge of cumming. Anna pulled his cock under her bra and through her cleavage, and then started to give him a blowjob. After a few seconds, she could feel the cum flowing through her mouth. She swallowed it all, then, with a smile on her face, gripped his cock, and pushing it so hard up, snapped her bra in two. Marc moaned as the waves of pleasure flooded him once again. He then turned around and start massaging her boobs, this time with no bra to interfere while at the same time, thrusting his cock in and out of Anna's vagina. "oooh, baby, YEAH, DO IT DO IT," screamed Anna as both of them cummed. Marc then turned around again and ate her out. Then they fell asleep in each others arms, tired after their wonderful sex.
by pwndogger September 21, 2008
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