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Best thing in the world.
"Well this is my room" I said as I walked into my room with my best friend.
"Wow." He said looking around. I layed back on my bed and sighed. I saw him looking at my out of the corner of my eye. He walked over to me and layed on top of me and started to dry hump me. "What are you doing?" I asked him,
"What does it look like?" He said with a devilish smile as he moved faster.
"Stop!" I yelled,
"You know you like it" He yelled back, and I secretly did. He stopped after a few minutes than started frenching me. I tried to resist, even though I loved the feel of his tongue on mine. He stopped kissing me, then pulled off his shirt and threw it on the floor. He was so muscular!
"You like?" He said after I was staring at him for a few minutes. Then he began to pull my shirt off me,
"Stop!" I said, but he continued to. He snapped off my bra and began to lick my boobs. After a few minutes I let out a small moan.
"See, I knew you liked this!" He yelled as he continued. Then he started to suck on my collarbone. I gasped as he did.

He then stood up and took his pants off, leaving his boxers. He pulled my pants and underwear off me and began to kiss my thigh. He then moved his lips over my pussy and began licking it. I moaned as he did. He kept doing this for a few minutes, then he stopped.
"I'm not done with you yet." He smiled, and took his boxers off. He put his cock into my mouth. My eyes grew large as he smiled. I began giving him a blowjob. He pushed me off before he came though. He flipped me onto my back and layed overtop me. He then pushed his cock into my pussy. I screamed as he did,
"Don't worry, it'll get better." He said as he kissed my cheek. He began thrusting in and out of me, and I started moaning.
"You like?" He smiled devilishly,
"Faster!" I screamed at him,
"Faster??" He began thrusting in and out of me a little faster.
"Faster! Harder! HARDER!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, as he did as I requested. He was thrusting into me as fast and as hard as he could. After a few minutes we both reached out orgasms and I screamed at the top of my lungs as his warm juices went into me. He slowly pulled out of me and started frenching me again. This time I didn't hold back. I let him do whatever he wanted to me. After that I fell asleep in his arms.

When I woke up, he kissed me and smiled.
"I knew you liked it." He said as I kissed him again, before we had sex again.
by MeMeMe1993 April 30, 2008

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