1 definition by jessicagotfuckedd

An extremely pleasurable action usually between a girl and a guy where a males dick or penis is stabbed into a woman's vagina or anus.
One day I was leaving a bikini shoot when I realized I couldn't find my clothes.I walked out in just my bikini.I ran to my car and drove to my boyfriends house to drop something off for him.I walked in and yelled for him.He yelled back "I'm in here sweetie" I walked into the bedroom where I found him sitting on the bed in a robe and candles and rose petals everywhere.I walked over to him and smiled.He said come here baby and tell me how much you love me.I said why tell you when I can show you and ripped the robe off of him and grabbed his dick...I got on my knees and sucked and rubbed lookin up at him innocently then when it was hard enough he pushed his big ass dick between my double ds and tit fucked the hell out of me.He cummed in my face and then we got to the real sex.I kissed all the way up his stomach until I was up to his lips.He told me to ride him like the cowgirl I was.I rode him and rode him and then we wrestled for the the top.Kissing furiously we finally we got into the doggy position..we fucked and fucked and I had five orgasms.I screamed all night and he cummed all over me.Then for the rest of the night we spooned and forked on and off till the mornin
by jessicagotfuckedd December 21, 2011

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