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To consume large quantities of alcohol - typically with a group of friends - with the intention of getting drunk.
"Session at my yard?"
by Surina December 04, 2008
1. Discrimination or prejudice based on a mole on one's skin.

2. A person with Moleism (a Moleist) has a prejudiced belief that having a mole makes a person inferior to those without.

3. Based on intolerance to a person with a mole/moles.
"As a Moleist, I believe in the ways of Moleism; particularly the belief that people who inhabit a fat mole/have fat moles (especially on their face) should live on a separate island called 'Mole Island'"
by Surina December 08, 2007
The Anti-Mole Movement is a new social movement taking place as we speak. Large informal gatherings of Moleists are dominating the world one country at a time, in order to abolish the tolerance of unsightly facial moles all over the globe - just one plan of action of the Moleist regime.

See Moleism, Moleist and Mole Island for more information.
Fellow brothers and sisters of the world, UNITE! Join the Anti-Mole Movement and help abolish the tolerance of facial moles via the transportation of fat-mole-inhabiting people to Mole Island immediately!
by Surina December 08, 2007
Fear of moles, as in the type of mole one may have on their skin.

'Dude, look at the size of that M-M-MOLE! MOLEH MOLEH MOLEH! I must have mole-o-phobia!'
by Surina December 08, 2007

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