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(n); the act of being serious
Your lack of seriousity in this issue is disturbing.
by Ins0mn* March 30, 2005
describing a situation or a problem that has to be addressed immediately with highest priority. The word is used when no other word suffice to explain the extent to which a topic is important.
The Secretary General encourages all delegates to address this issue with the utmost seriousity!
by SFUMUN Secretariat March 28, 2010
a way of being serious. not joking. not lying. being fucking serious. like seriously...
carolina: can i come over to your house later for gossip girl tonight? and THEN we can finish our science project...

ixell: dude are you sure? won't that be tiring?

carolina: no douchebaguette. it'll be cool. i'm serious.

ixell: you sure?

carolina: yeah bitch, i'm talking seriousity!
by cee_ess_ness May 18, 2009
The trait of being too serious for your own good.
Relax buddy, you've got way too much seriousity.

Seriousity killed the cat, and by cat I mean you.
by Isakilla April 25, 2007