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2 definitions by prplppl

Sephora is a wonderful cosmetic store. Sure, everything may cost a lot but thats only because it's all designer. They do give "makeovers" and they ARE free.
Alyssa: Oh my gosh! Look at this makeup bag! It costs like $50!!!
Group: Yeah Alyssa, this is Sephora. Things cost some money in here because it's all designer.
Alyssa: Well thats STUPID!
Group: YOUR STUPID!!!!
by prplppl April 24, 2009
109 38
when you enter the code " :42: " (without quotes) the number 42 will show up in a red box of facebook chat.
Girl1: how much are the shirts?
Girl2: :42: dollars
Girl1: HOW'D YOU DO THAT?!?!
Girl2: magic =)
by prplppl June 21, 2010
14 4