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1. The most vile and unacceptable chore known to all people still living at home with their parents.

2. A chore that is required by most parents for their children so that they may earn a lousy allowance.

3. Something that needs to be clean so that one may eat.
1. I fucking hate the dishes!

2. Parent: Do the damn dishes!
Child: But I don't want to!
Parent: Do them or you won't get your three cents allowance!
Child: FUCK YOU!

3. Child: I'm hungry but there's no clean dishes to eat with.
Parent: Then clean them!
by Timbolicious November 19, 2007
A senile old man or woman who has forgotten how to drive and is allowed far too many priveledges just for living through this hell we call life regardless of all their retirement benefits and 401k plans.
1. Dude, that senior in the Buick almost ran over my kid.

2. Old man: Can I have the senior discount?
Today's wayward youth: You just got a social security check for $300,000! Why should you get a discount?
Old man: Because I'm old.
Today's wayward youth: Go to hell!
by Timbolicious November 20, 2007
The plastic blonde bimbo that captures the hearts of many young girls. She can get her way with anything. She appearently has the greatest boyfriend on earth, the greatest sisters, a new car every week, a new house, including a pool, every month, and even her very own mermaid clone. ect...
I want to be just like Barbie! That bitch has everything!
by Timbolicious January 15, 2008

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