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your grandad
I reacurred my senior cause - they remember me,
My grandfather still smokin Weed and he's 70

Lloyd Bank$ send ya to hell
by shadow211 January 08, 2009
41 50
Dope, cool, rad. Senior is an adjective for anything that's wicked.
Babe, your shoes are sooo senior.
You aced the exam? That's majorly senior.
by Angela I. Britain September 07, 2009
26 50
1) A slut. One of the biggest whores you have encountered in your life thus far
2) The last year of high school, when all hell breaks loose and morals are no longer an issue (at least until you start college)
1) Oh my god! Kim is such a senior. Cutie & her totally sucked each other up last night. And this morning. And OH MY GOD, LOOK OUTSIDE! THEY'RE DOING IT RIGHT NOW ON YOUR LAWN!
by Bachelors Masters & Citizens February 01, 2009
52 78
Your last year of high school. Though these upperclassmen deserve respect, they demand it like assholes, and are treated by the other classes as such.
I'm a freshman who kicked the crap out of a senior.
by Brian Myers November 29, 2007
93 167