A sweet guy according to all his friends, girls tend to fall for his personality, cares about animals, family and friends. Hates Homophobes, sexists and racists. If a girl dates him they do it because of his personality. If you are a girl and are dating a blue eyed, browned haired Sean. Then you have a guy who really cares about you.
Guy 1: look at that girl talkin to sean over there, she likes him because of his personality
Guy 2: Yah he will treat her right
by Misunderstoodmisfit February 19, 2013
Sean(s) are the best people in the world. They are funny but can be a pain sometimes. Sean(s) are the funniest people in the world and as a bonus they usually have a big penis! He is hilarious , tall, and handsome. He is also excellent at a sport or two and loving.
Sean is my best friend and I always look to him when I am having a bad day and need a laugh.
by Chrisean December 02, 2012
a snapchat story of someone doing the duck face while listening to (usually terrible) music.
I don't even check your snap stories they're just full of Sean's.
by Bonieta June 27, 2014
Sean is the type of person who is seriously such a dingus sometimes. However, he is the coolest most chill dingus you will ever meet! He's super talented, smart, weird, and amazing! He's insanely adorable and sweet. He knows how to make the best out of situations and that's what makes him so great to be around! If you get a hold of a Sean, you're pretty lucky! Oh and apparently he really knows how to piss people off...
.... oh. Hi Sean.
by homegurlmdawg June 25, 2014
Seans may seem shy at first, but they'll turn out to be some of the smartest, nicest, most amazing guys you'll ever meet.

They've got their own problems, but still put their friends first. Maybe the only bad thing about them is that they can be too selfless, letting themselves get walked over.

Do not take these guys for granted.
Person 1 - "Where's Sean?"
Person 2 - "He's helping Sarah's kid finish his school project."
Person 1 - "He trying to get in her pants?"
Person 2 - "No, he's just a genuine Sean."
by A beluga whale March 12, 2013
seans are incredibly attractive and sexy guys who are always looking to have good time. they are probably the most social guys that you will ever meet. they usually have brown eyes and hair, are very defined and muscular, good fighters, incredible athletes, amazing dancers, often irish, generally have good grammar, and give the best kisses and hugs in the world. if you ever get the chance to date one, you should. they generally date girls named sarah, payon, and norah. if you ever get your hands on one, NEVER LET HIM GO!
person1: hey, look at that person! he's incredibly athletic, muscular, sexy, and amazing at dancing! its too good to be true!

person2: oh no, thats sean, and its true, he's all of those things
by sheen12 January 20, 2013
He is the type of person that everyone wants to be friends with. He's an amazing guy and he has the biggest heart in the world. They have an amazing sense of style and they know how to keep everyone entertained. They really know how to have fun in the bed and you can just crack up with them if you hit your head on something. He's the best boyfriend that I have ever had; so when you meet one, make sure to never let him go. I love you Sean
That guy is such a Sean, he really knows how to treat a girl right.
by Thegirlwholovesyouthemost(: October 18, 2011

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