When playing mario kart wii a sean is someone who will delibrateley take the item box you were going to get
its allright i'll just get this item box
Fuck! the sean just took my item box!
by word2urmutha February 19, 2010
A weird guy who likes computers
-Henry: why?
by YOURMAMAWASHERE!!! October 16, 2011
A big fat fucking asshole who enjoys cock in his ass
Hey look it's sean, maybe he should take that cock out of his ass
by Spriteman121 June 17, 2015
The type of guy who always gets on your nerves. He can be a arguetive bastard, but hey. Look at what you got, then look at him. #ScumbagSean
Look, Sean's here. Avert your eyes. #WhatAScumbag
by BrokeWings1 May 19, 2014
da most amazing boy ever! he isz sooo funny...n wen he trys he can sing. he has da softest lips on da planet!...hesz super duper tall 4 no reason...but knows how 2 make a gurl smile...hes wnted by many but already tken by 1...he is emotional at times but dats wat i love..hes different..u can sey unique cusz dat wat he is..ilovehimSOmuch!. sean isz one of those boys who knows how 2 treat a gurl da rite way...he isznt perfect but who is? he isz just sean
by danii4eva2nv December 21, 2008
A short fellow with dark hair. Generally nice but can have some douchebag moments. Tends to be way too overconfident but it rarely backfires on him. A lil' bit of a bitch. Also sucks at driving boats.
Who's that guy yelling over there?
-Its Sean, he just crashed his boat.
by ayyyyyyy1234 December 29, 2015
Just like Jacks, Seans are people in denial about being an eskimo. ALWAYS call them an eskimo when you see them.
Sean is an eskimo! He always wants to stay in his igloo with his Pet Fish.
by DenialWontWork February 18, 2011
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