A huge faggot. Does retarted things on a daily basis. Nicest guy you will ever meet, but he has his moments where he's just a fuck. Also cannot speak correctly and breaks rule #1 multiple times daily.He strictly only likes girls that look like or are named Marie and or Faye Reagan
Wow what a Sean F!
by Finnellaice January 19, 2014
Just like Jacks, Seans are people in denial about being an eskimo. ALWAYS call them an eskimo when you see them.
Sean is an eskimo! He always wants to stay in his igloo with his Pet Fish.
by DenialWontWork February 18, 2011
da most amazing boy ever! he isz sooo funny...n wen he trys he can sing. he has da softest lips on da planet!...hesz super duper tall 4 no reason...but knows how 2 make a gurl smile...hes wnted by many but already tken by 1...he is emotional at times but dats wat i love..hes different..u can sey unique cusz dat wat he is..ilovehimSOmuch!. sean isz one of those boys who knows how 2 treat a gurl da rite way...he isznt perfect but who is? he isz just sean
by danii4eva2nv December 21, 2008
sean is an amaaazing brown eyed guy from michigan. he will meet you on a cruise, make you fall in love with him, and then never speak to you again.
amelia: dudeee how was your trip?

emily: good i met this guy, but i keep texting him and he wont reply.

amelia: he totally seaned you.
by newfoundlandddddd August 28, 2010
Sean: I really nice pretty girl who is way nicer and smarter than she should be.
Wow, I would totally date the girl Sean!
Wow, are you in love with Sean? "NO"
by BillyBlackDouche September 01, 2011
sexy machine, crazy when mad, amazing when happy. works hard plays harder. has a six pack and blue eye to die for, stunt driver but rides a bicycle, a true gentleman, sometimes geeky (because he is so smart, smarter than me!) loves classic muscle and domestic cars. Drinks good imported beer, fishing, guns and is all around the best friend you may ever have
OMG look, its sean!
lets invite sean to our 'pillow fight' again, hes sooo good
What up sean! wanna hit this dank?

CAUTION: Some Seans are fakes, inferior yardtards and meth heads.
by psuedonym will appear online August 07, 2009
Generally associated with a homosexual black man, they are typically addicted to sexual relationships with men, parents commonly use this name on their child when he/she was accidentally conceived. The personality of this character varies from potentially sociopathic to heterophobic but commonly just an annoying person who is attention seeking, and subconsciously abusive to family/friends. Of course this is not the case for all people with the name Sean, and this definition tends to affect a minority of people. The meaning of the name tended to be popularly used in Victorian England as parents named there child "Sean" as a permanent mark of accidental conception, throughout the child's life they would be oblivious to the fact of the names definition and then learning it as an adult, this could then lead to isolation to society, loss of friendships and relationships and public embarrassment, the use of this name lost popularity in Victorian England but is still used in certain countries in Africa and Asia.

In a nutshell, the name Sean is sometimes used to secretly mock a child who was an accident (accidentally conceived) then becomes an example of social isolation or being a "loner" in later life.
"You see that guy over there, he's watching that guy in the changing room."
"I know man, what a Sean."


"That guy over there is such a bender."
"Totally, no wonder his parents named him Sean."
by xSniperZx December 05, 2013

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