This is a name rarely used for a girl, but when used, the girl is insecure, modest, considerate, selfish, kind, or miserable.

When used for boys, they are probably funny, annoying, loud, or energetic.
You seem a little like a sean (girl) today...
by S.Y.T. May 29, 2011
A Sean is a cute, blue eyed, brown haired kid that is so amazingly sweet. Doesn't like to think he's cute and likes to talk to a lot of girls. He is really tall and wears really nice clothes and smells really nice. He is truly amazing and you'd be lucky to have a Sean.
Meg:Where were you last night?
Sean: out with my girl

Meg: aw shes so lucky to have you.
by tehehehe. November 02, 2011
When playing mario kart wii a sean is someone who will delibrateley take the item box you were going to get
its allright i'll just get this item box
Fuck! the sean just took my item box!
by word2urmutha February 19, 2010
The type of guy who always gets on your nerves. He can be a arguetive bastard, but hey. Look at what you got, then look at him. #ScumbagSean
Look, Sean's here. Avert your eyes. #WhatAScumbag
by BrokeWings1 May 19, 2014
Typically a male with a wild imagination, and a shit eating grin on his face quite often (due to deviant nature). Thoughtful, funny, attractive, and creative with a large wrinkly brain. Makes a good partner in crime. Likes to mace women.
I went to work today and a sean was there. I promptly splooged my pants.
by HollerWoller February 12, 2011
Huge fucking assholes that screw people over, will fuck anything with a pulse (or without), and thinks they have hundreds of friends but really no one likes them. thinks they have a huge penis but its actually the size of a pencil top eraser. Thinks he's god. spreads rumors to start drama then denies it. Has annoying catch phrases such as: Is that baaad? (when it obviously is) and says "Really!?!?" in an ascending tone as his ears perk up, when he gets juicy gossip he plans to spread.
Person 1: Last night I had a girl over and she wouldn't have sex with me.
Person 2: So what did you do?
Person 1: I knocked her to the floor, and kicked her until she passed out, then propped her up and fucked her anyways. Is that baaaad?
Person 2: Your such a fucking Sean....
by Mounties May 14, 2013
A non-lover type, someone you should definitely not fall for but can be called a friend.
An uneatable person like um.. ginger in the middle of a lovely KFC zinger ?
Like a Jack Daniel's bottle, attractive, addictive, charming, luxurious but bad for health. REALLY bad for health but has awesome music taste and is a very good talker uh.
If he could be your Superman, he still has to prove that he can bring back the moon for you, without wandering among the lost asteroids, without bragging and without being an asshole. though seans are assholes.
pfff may your path and seans' never cross xoxo
sean = no example is worth to be givennn
by greentupperware January 06, 2012

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