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A lesbian, particuarly one adept at cunnilingus. Refers to the sometimes fishy smell of the female pudendum.
Fo-git that ho Tyrone, she be a fish eater!
by dandi December 19, 2003
46 23
a slang term for Catholics, so attributed because Catholics eat fish on Fridays during the season of Lent
The football team is playing St. John's on Friday--and we're gonna kick some fish-eater ass!
by Jeffrey Scott December 19, 2005
8 6
Norwegian, because they eat lots of fish
That lousy fucking fish eater stole my wife.
by cocksauce March 14, 2005
8 11
A lesbian, but a really hardcore lesbian who dresses like a guy, or dates chicks who dress like a guy, cause though they love women, they want to be with a chick that looks like a man.
How bout you and your fish eatin friends to go fuck themselves, shave their heads, and listen to some more Ani DiFranco albums
by The Beezy One March 03, 2004
1 4
1. In the past (still use sometimes today) it was a very negative term for Catholics. Mostly due to the consuming of fish on Fridays.
I don't want my kids playing with those fish-eaters.
by Just Being Me January 04, 2006
7 15