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One who truly enjoys eating pussy; i.e. cunnilingus. Derived from pussy translating to fish box. See also fish eater.
Male #1: "Have you ever eaten pussy?"

Male #2: "Have I? Shit, my diet practically consist of fish."

Male #1: "Damn, I didn't know you're a sea food lover."
#fish eater #fish box #pussy #cunnilingus #vagina
by speaks4 January 25, 2008
A customer at a strip club who monopolizes a strippers' time either by:

a) talking to her for what seems like forever or;
b) purchasing multiple Lap Dance or VIP sessions

leaving all other patrons to wait a significant amount of time just to get a dance with the stripper.
Is that John Madden look-alike fuckoe ever gonna let Chanel go so I can get a dance with her?
by Speaks4 May 05, 2005
A person who has recently began lifting weights, acquiring minimal to some muscle definition, and feels the need to show off by wearing tight-fitting short sleeve shirts and tank tops - even on cold days.

Similar to new money.
"Damn, it's gotta be like a 40 degree day out here."
"No shit, and that mother fucker over there is wearin' nothin' but a wife beater. He's gotta be new muscle."
#buff #cut #tank top #wife beater #muscle head
by speaks4 April 02, 2008
Abbreviation for "Pathetic Loser." Most commonly used to describe strip clubs patrons because they have to pay to see ass.
When I rolled to the strip club last night there were about 10 dancers and 15 PL's.
by Speaks4 May 05, 2005
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