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An unbelievable british pov cunt, can be used as an advective or a noun.
See that guy over there, how scutt, that guy over there... hes a scutt.
by AGSCobra June 28, 2011
Information gathered from scuttlebutt.
Hey, I saw you to talking to the boss - what is the scutts on the lay-offs?
by Stoolie April 17, 2013
(noun)a scummy, slutty, skank.

1.) "I don't know why she keeps calling herself classy, she's such a scutt."

2.) "Ew, did you see that scutty outfit?"
by lolruswhyareyougross August 29, 2010
to tell say something to someone that would be funny, not something funny that actually happened, just a random possible humorous circumstance
"It would be so funny if an asian lady were right next to you when u said that" -- this would be a scutt

by nate colgan January 17, 2008
When a person makes a very stupid joke or does something extremely challenged
*Person* Hey, your mom
*Other Person* Nice one, Scutt
by ZCooley June 04, 2009

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