Also, someone who can afford not to live in the shit hole that is p*rtsmouth. For you who dont know, p*rtsmouth is dirty, shite, full of twats, stinks of fish, has a crap football team *ahem* 3-0 *ahem*, a place where women are slags, a place where the twat with a bell lives and has a crap football stadium (if you can call it that). To name a few.
Fuck off you skate wanker! SFC Rule!
by Fetch-bitch November 19, 2004
Bunch of pricks from southampton. They usually dress in a red and white striped shirt.
Just look up southampton and you have your example of a scummer.
by Derick Nobcheese February 24, 2005
A civilian of Southampton in the South of England.
It was funny when the scummers lost 1-0 to Pompey.
by John Westwood June 21, 2004
A complete tosser who lives in the biggest s**t hole on the south coast, and possibly Britain, where the women wish they could be slags but will never get the chance because they all look like fat men, and all the men look and sound like pikeys.
"If only I wasn't such a butch scummer and had been born slightly further along the coast! Then I'd get a bloke for sure! And a decent looking one at that!"
by Missy April 10, 2005
Anyone having anything to do with Southampton whatsoever.
Portmouth 4 Scummers 1
by Jon K. April 26, 2005
any1 from southampton aka scumhampton or scummerville, the women look like men and the city centre is covered in a thin layer of tramps. over priced coffee is also sold in west quay. i may be classified as a skate by the scummers, but i am proud to support pompey, however i do agree that portsmouth city is a shit-hole with a giant phallic object sat in the harbour.
i went in the saints store and shouted 4-1 and was promptly chased out by the scummer of a manager.

six pound fifty for a sandwich and a coffee? u can fuck right off u stupid scummer
by raven19 May 02, 2005
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