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mysogynistic male with no empathy for other humans. treats all other humans as servants. revels from the humiliation of others. truly beleives he is better than everyone else. from scott disick's "gang" of friends in new york
girl, watch out. johns a scummer, he videotaped jessica in bed without her knowing it.

by shininglite July 28, 2010
17 6
Anyone that gives the appearance or lifestyle of being a scum or living like a scum.

Can have a dirty appearance, look like they don't shower or show a bad character to the world.
Sarah's dad is a real scummer.
by fukewi November 13, 2008
19 9
A scummer is someone that does not shower and wears the same clothes every fucking day. They never do their hair and could care less about appearance. Normally they do drugs or drink. They can not do school work and are usually made fun of. They are put in below average (SPED) classes. Oh yeah, they stink.
1. David and Travis are such scummers.

2. Haha, he wore that shirt yesterday didn't he?
by xLawrence30 October 17, 2008
18 8
Someone who passes off as normal by the use of scumbag tricks.
"How many scummers does it take to open a door? 2. One to hold the thirty rack and one to climb through the window."
by scummer February 07, 2010
14 5
Adj. dirty, down on their luck folk, who don't want to improve.
"take a left by the scummers house, the one with all of the trash, then proceed half a mile, we are on the right."
by Sickter6 February 10, 2013
3 2
A mustache wielding, Mick Channon sound alike supporter of Southampton FC.
Look at the tache on that cunt, blatant scummer!
by molly malones bush November 17, 2009
20 43
Scummers are people proud to support the great football club of Southampton! We are loyal fans who hate skates with a passion!
Proud to be a scummer!!
by Fetch-bitch November 19, 2004
43 68