Scummer - An individual who supports Manchester United. Usually without actually having been born or even visited Manchester. This term is especially used by Leeds United fans!!!
You dirty scummer!! = Oi you horrible dirty man utd fan
by LeedsLass1982 September 10, 2009
Somebody who has a crossbreed between peach fuzz and a stash for a moustache.
by Babyface March 25, 2003
1. A person who smokes and hangs out before and after school on a street corner as close as possible near the high school without being on the grounds. Usually found walking in the opposite direction of school once its time to go in.
1. You're such a scummer!
by Big Smoke. December 23, 2004
A combination of the words "scum" and "summer" that perfectly describes summer living in Wellington, Florida. There's never anything to do during scummer and it's always 100 degrees outside. Characterized by extreme boredom that results in scummy group activities such as shaving eachother's heads, smoking mass amounts of weed and cigarettes, lurking in parking lots, and jumping off of roofs into pools.
Kid1: Man, scummer is so boring it actually motivates me not to brush my teeth in the morning.
Kid2: How does it do that?
Kid1: Well, I figure if I get a cavity it will be a good thing because at least I'll get to go to the dentist and that will give me something to do.
Kid2: True.
by PT Bitches June 09, 2006
The term is a deviation of the word scumbag.
Look at those scummers in the Honda.

He's such a complete scummer.
by tivomann October 13, 2005
A douchebag that nails hoodrats like jagermeister, miss cryst`al, faithers, and savannah. Cannot grow a mustache to save his life. Typically irritated by multiple recitations of Broken Lizard material.
That scummer, kyle, lost his virginity to some fat hoe in a bathtub.
by Doug Boggs April 20, 2006
The first warm day of Spring, when all the scums go crazy with their shorts and tank-tops on. Usually riding motorcycles without insurance.
Look at that, it's 60 degrees outside and that guy is filling up water balloons, must be Scummer.
by World's Greatest Millionaire April 15, 2009

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