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A school situated in Gillingham, Dorset. Not to be confused with Gillingham, Kent, which probably has a much better town.
This school keeps telling it's students that it is infact, "The best school in Dorset" While most of the students are chavs, the teachers attempt to still tell them what to do. They are obsessed with uniforms and recently sent out a notice about Saying it's a dangerous website and they can't track report people. Students often hang out at the local Asda after the school day is over, also realizing their life is failing, they go and find a way to buy alcohol, making Gillingham more of a fail of a place to live.
Stranger 1: What school do you go to?
Stranger 2: Gillingham School Bruv!
Stranger 1: *walks off*
by mrtechrelated March 13, 2013
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