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To get your drunk pork on in the econo lodge,dorm rooms or other skeet stained surfaces.
"that snaggler done SCRUMPED that blue-eyeshadowed ho who was wearing a metalica sweatshirt"
by Mister Phillips January 10, 2006
14 25
(v.) Any action of or relating to sexual arousal through physical contact.
"So did you two do it?"
"No, we just kinda scrumped all night."
by Mikey Mike September 12, 2003
7 19
Scating while Krumping, or having a stroke and seizure at the same time.
my uncle scrumped his way into the hoepital!
by heritic31 February 06, 2008
2 15
A smelly lil stinker
My bunghole is really Scrumps today.
by xookie November 12, 2004
4 17
A group, or organization residing in northwestern Georgia.
"Oh shit, here come the scrumps!"
by scrump January 25, 2003
4 17
To take without permission. A fine afternoon activity when as a lad one goes looking for apples, conkers, pears ( either fruit or those located on chests) etc..
Hey, let's go scrumping!
by Dick Splash August 17, 2003
11 25
A chick so nasty and disgusting that even beer goggles won't do her justice.
Even though I was completely hammered and she was 150 yards away, I could still tell that Sharon was a complete scrump
by Brian H October 26, 2005
62 77