"Scared to Bump" - meaning he one doesnt like sexual intercourse
im so scrumped that even when she took off her clothes i did nothing.
by Spencer Searcy June 02, 2003
A dirty south (slurred) form of the word shrimp.
Gon' get some scrump from the sto'.
by R. Bizzle March 01, 2003
the excess skin of a penis before it has been circumsized.. after it has been cut off it is called a "scrump"
You are a scrump licking whore.
scrump ass bitch, scrump fucker, scrumpin mother fucker
by Cliff Humps December 19, 2007
(v.) Any action of or relating to sexual arousal through physical contact.
"So did you two do it?"
"No, we just kinda scrumped all night."
by Mikey Mike September 12, 2003
Scating while Krumping, or having a stroke and seizure at the same time.
my uncle scrumped his way into the hoepital!
by heritic31 February 06, 2008
A smelly lil stinker
My bunghole is really Scrumps today.
by xookie November 12, 2004
To take without permission. A fine afternoon activity when as a lad one goes looking for apples, conkers, pears ( either fruit or those located on chests) etc..
Hey, let's go scrumping!
by Dick Splash August 17, 2003

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