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A sexual act. The act of having sex.
"Damn me and my boyfriend scrumped for hours last night"
by Trish W. May 24, 2007
Too have sexual intercourse
OOOOO....I wanna scrump that fine peice off a** over there
by Audie January 09, 2006
To bang, or rub up against.
OW! I scrumped my knee on the wall.
by Scott January 01, 2005
A combination of a skank and a frump.
That woman is a total scrump!
by Leslee November 07, 2003
A smooch. A kiss. A snuggle. They are true scrumps when they are given by boys with names that start with D's.
"Give me a scrump"
"Where's my scrumpy's"
" I need a scrumpdillyump"
by Tinibear February 03, 2010
standards, expectations, acceptable quality; as used in the phrase "up to scrump"
Victor's semester grades were not up to scrump.
by T. Runyan August 17, 2008
Origianlly created by julian valencia and scott frugis....food, simple as that.
yo lets get some fuckin' scrump
by Julian Valencia November 21, 2007