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Verb. To hump Jensen Ackle's "I can has a cookie?" face.
Wtf does "scrump" mean?

It is the word for humping Jensen's cookie face, naturally.
by CookieScrumper September 14, 2007
to have sex; to fuck; origin in New York State
I think I'll get scrumped when I get home from work
by scrumpy October 28, 2003
v. Another word for humping. Usually used by men in long-term relationships where the initial novelty of sex has worn off. Used as a softer term for sex insted of other more vulgar words.
Jakie, my wife of 10 years, and I passed casual glances at each other and then began to scrump.
by Josh July 16, 2003
"Scared to Bump" - meaning he one doesnt like sexual intercourse
im so scrumped that even when she took off her clothes i did nothing.
by Spencer Searcy June 02, 2003
A dirty south (slurred) form of the word shrimp.
Gon' get some scrump from the sto'.
by R. Bizzle March 01, 2003
the excess skin of a penis before it has been circumsized.. after it has been cut off it is called a "scrump"
You are a scrump licking whore.
scrump ass bitch, scrump fucker, scrumpin mother fucker
by Cliff Humps December 19, 2007
An abbreviation of scrumptious. The best you can get.
That guy/girl is "scrump.
by Enzo Cinquecento November 24, 2006