to have sex; to fuck; origin in New York State
I think I'll get scrumped when I get home from work
by scrumpy October 28, 2003
v. Another word for humping. Usually used by men in long-term relationships where the initial novelty of sex has worn off. Used as a softer term for sex insted of other more vulgar words.
Jakie, my wife of 10 years, and I passed casual glances at each other and then began to scrump.
by Josh July 16, 2003
A smooch. A kiss. A snuggle. They are true scrumps when they are given by boys with names that start with D's.
"Give me a scrump"
"Where's my scrumpy's"
" I need a scrumpdillyump"
by Tinibear February 03, 2010
To dance to, or sing along with, a song. Often used as "nonsense" syllable or an acceptable replacement for syllables or words that are unclear (like "na" or "la").
When I heard their new single, I couldn't stop scrumping.
by Scrumperoo August 17, 2008
standards, expectations, acceptable quality; as used in the phrase "up to scrump"
Victor's semester grades were not up to scrump.
by T. Runyan August 17, 2008
Origianlly created by julian valencia and scott, simple as that.
yo lets get some fuckin' scrump
by Julian Valencia November 21, 2007
To get your drunk pork on in the econo lodge,dorm rooms or other skeet stained surfaces.
"that snaggler done SCRUMPED that blue-eyeshadowed ho who was wearing a metalica sweatshirt"
by Mister Phillips January 10, 2006

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