a cross between screw and hump...."scrump."
I really like to scrump.
I would really like to scrump!
by bread infection December 31, 2005
To steal apples
Let's go scrump behind the woodshed!
by John March 18, 2003
Scrump is the short version of the word scrumptious meaning looking good.
Jess was looking scrump today with a capital SCRUMP!
by ushz.cmp April 14, 2011
Scrub + Gump = Scrump
Adam Lambert is such a scrump!
by ToonSquad95 February 07, 2011
simply to have sex.
let's go scrump!
by hellokitty_cupcake62 November 08, 2009
Adjective. Most commonly used instead of scoot. To move a little bit in a direction.
Scrump over a little bit
by Gun June 07, 2013
Those little gross smelly yellow chunks of rotten food that you cough up sometimes. Consider it a throat booger.
As I was talking to the manager I accidentally coughed up a scrump that landed on his desk.
by cpdcrsdr January 22, 2013

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