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to have sexual intercourse, and/or are "scrumping"
"hey baby wanna scrump?"
by ImSpecialKYo December 07, 2009
9 13
Adjective. Most commonly used instead of scoot. To move a little bit in a direction.
Scrump over a little bit
by Gun June 07, 2013
0 5
Those little gross smelly yellow chunks of rotten food that you cough up sometimes. Consider it a throat booger.
As I was talking to the manager I accidentally coughed up a scrump that landed on his desk.
by cpdcrsdr January 22, 2013
2 7
Scrump is the short version of the word scrumptious meaning looking good.
Jess was looking scrump today with a capital SCRUMP!
by ushz.cmp April 14, 2011
21 26
Scrub + Gump = Scrump
Adam Lambert is a scrump
by ToonSquad95 February 07, 2011
4 11
simply to have sex.
let's go scrump!
by hellokitty_cupcake62 November 08, 2009
3 10
A combination of 'scrap' and 'crumb'
"Colleen do you want the rest of these chips? It's only scrumps left."
by JVF July 25, 2009
6 13