(v) scrumpin (skrump-in)
the act of consuming alcoholic beverages or other toxins in massive quantitys bringing you to a state of mind beyond drunk, crunk, high, blazed, faded, etc. one can only fully understand scrumpin when they have no other word to express their state of mind except scrumpin.

drinking at 10 am your gonna be scrumpin

drink of choice 4 loko your gonna be scrumpin

by dieseldouglas March 26, 2010
The act of intercourse preformed in close quarters.
I took your mom to the drive-in, we got to scrumpin before the previews.
by biggdogg September 04, 2003
A lesser form of the dick-slap.
That bitch was poppin' and lockin' so I jumped up and did some mad scrumpin.
by Jorje Valdeez April 26, 2007
Grindin Bumpin.

Also can be used to describe a state of being such as im

just scrumpin right now then I'm off to work.

chillen now = scrumpin.

Chillin out have a good time.

Just scrumpin with this chick

have sex... i was just scrumpin wit my girl.

I was scrumpin in the club.
What you doing ? ah im just scrumpin
Oh just scrumpin it up in ohio.
by seanno rounsley September 12, 2005
1. A very attractive young female
2. A delicious pastry preferably with a cream-filled center or glazed topping
"I could go for some Scrumpins right about now," the Scrumpin exclaimed.
by Matt Riley May 05, 2005
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