a person of lesser experience, or one of unrepresentable appearance (ie,a girl wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt to school, without doing her hair or makeup).
DUDE. that kids camping with the AA12. what a scrub.
#noob #scrub #loser #crappy #bitch
by Signor Nitsua Reyaht November 23, 2010
someone who thinks they coo and they not
Nobody likes Jace and Kevin because they are scrubs.
#noob #loser #genital warts #nasty #staph infection #repulsive
by Rico Gerardo S. November 03, 2010
someone who positions themselves intenially in a position of discumfort on behalf of someone else. To try and get an advantage if you are the last man on search & destory trying to become a local hero.
james: why are you camping in a corner with a riot shield

Andrew: because i am a scrub
James:okay i understand now
#scrub #cod #camping #sweating #weedum
by gary glens ultras September 29, 2010
A lazy person who acts like a prick and or jerk, and or a person who acts lame.
Look at that scrub over there why doesn't he get a job.

Quit being a scrub and take out the trash.

Bob- "Wanna go play some football?"

Steve- "No I have to go read for class"

Bob- "You're such a Scrub"
#scrub #lazy #jerk #prick #lame
by lilgogo August 31, 2010
a moron, an idiot, a major poser, a pretender, a dumb-ass, a freak
to make a stupid or idiotic mistake that could have easily been avoided
a person who believe he/she is sexually actractive and boasts about it but in reality is not
one who makes fowl-ups in sports/video games
someone who is clumsy and just makes stupid mistakes
someone falling flat on their face while running from a mad man after teepeing his house because they were too busy looking back would be called a "scrub"
#moron #idiot #dumb-ass #weirdo #creeper
by @1R July 03, 2010
No money

No girl

No friends


Yo look at bro over there, hes such a scrub!
#dirty #scrub #grease #lizards #no firends
by nsaguvjnsadkfmc April 27, 2010
It's Used in the Online gaming community as a Derogatory word for some who is Not new at the game but who Just isn't very good, or someone who thinks they are the best, by how they talk, or by how they act. If you Type using non-words like "da" instead of The, "wit" instead of with, or other Non-words of the like because you think you are cool
"Yo G, I just saw dis dude ridin' wit his homie dat hads a car, ima guessin he ain't gots no moneez fool."

"Stfu Scrub."
#wigger #gangsta #bad #fail #die
by Redshore;Zak July 17, 2009
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