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Think your cool... think your a boss. Cant get a decent girlfriend. Bangs german's in the bush near school.
Brook Ried is such a fucking SCRUB. LOL
by KruegerZe March 30, 2012
A white person who was brought up in a white background, goes to a predominantly white and rich school, and acts as though they were brought up in the hood. These people will be 'into' rap music, wear Jordan's to walk around, most likely be seen with a pair of beats around their neck (all of which defeats the purpose of being from the hood), and attempt to speak ebonics.
Scrub: Aye yo, dat play was fye last night, dawg.

Regular person: Bruh, why you talkin like that?

Scrub: Aye brah, why you fenna hate, yo?

Regular person: Man, you a scrub.
by Rythmbot January 18, 2012
aka bus stop
where the bus stops
a scrub is a guy who gets no love aka bustop
by abcccccbbbba December 29, 2011
a scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly, also known as a busta. Always thinkin' 'bout what he wants and just sits on his broke ass. Sittin' in the passengers side of his best friend's ride, trying to holla. If you don't have a car and you're walking, you live at home with your mama, and/or have a shawty and don't show love, you're a scrub/busta.
The best example can be heard in the TLC song "No Scrubs."
by themeltdown_1 December 26, 2011
A scrub is ussaly refered to in video games such as "Call of Duty" when the player is not playing how most expert players do. As where if you are 'running and gunning' you turn the corner and they are sitting in the corner waiting for you to pass and shoot you.
Player 1: "Wow i was on a kill streak and that second chance noob that I shot nailed me woth a f**king python!

Player 2: "What a f**king scrub!"
by Odawg C November 05, 2011
someone that intensely sucks at everything they do.
Person 1: Last night, I had the worst game of Call of Duty ever.. I went 5 - 32
Person 2: Wow, you're such a scrub
by FTWTFTW June 15, 2011
a guy who thinks he's fly,
thinks he can get all the ladies,
thinks he is 'the shit',
but everyone in biology knows he actually isnt!
Bro, that Epstien kid thinks he's the man with ladies! I kno, he's such a scrub!
by bbyoincorp March 20, 2011