OMG He is Such A Scrub
#scrub #noob #nooby #derpy #derp
by Derpy1234 June 06, 2015
An previously unseen Star Trek character that will die pretty soon.
Kirk, Spock, McCoy and a scrub beam down to the uncharted planet. It's only a matter of time until the scrub dies.
#star trek #scrub #kirk #spock #scrubs
by geekmalone March 13, 2015
The meaning of the word "scrub" is a guy who is really tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. His name either starts with M or ends with L. Seems to be very flirtatious and has a very good personality. Also does participate in extracurricular activities. Some may consider him as a wimp or a chump.
That scrub over there has no game.
#scrub #boy #dorky #blonde #fun
by Smile23 March 03, 2015
A fuckboy who sucks at everything. May also call others a scrub
Muhammad Khan: I am a scrub!
#fuckboy #motherfucker #sucker #man #boss
by Theman103820 February 19, 2015
A slack ass lazy mother fucker that smokes Their self stupid all day and doesnt even have a "real" job. Bitches and complains about shit and does t do anything to fix it
Youre a scrub
#lazy #smoke #bitch #nigger #complain
by Gerald monahagn May 04, 2014
A guy who can't take a hint. Needs a crash course in flirting and thinks he talented at graphic design, but really just uses templates. They tend to be named Jose

Ladies please be cautious when this type species approaches you. Do not give your number out.
'You know that guy Jose the one who thinks he a graphic designer?'
- 'Who? Oh that undercover Scrub?'
#scrub #graphic design #jose #under cover scrub #no game
by Keybsirb. October 16, 2013
A scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly but he's also known as a buster. He's always talking about what he wants and just sits on his broke ass.
A scrubs checking me and his game is kinda weak.
#scub #scrubs #scrubb #scrub #scab
by that short girl September 24, 2013
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