A greasy, disheveled, socially-inept male.
Did you see Mark Zuckerberg at All Things D? What a goddamn greasy scrub!
by diggthisdiggthat June 03, 2010
A young fellow who can't get any love from anybody.
A scrub usually seen hanging out of his best friends ride, holla-ing at young women.
by Lagrow May 13, 2010
A-holes that are going nowhere in life that think they got it going on.
Scrub - the majority of the male population, especially in Glenwood.
by dimepiece22 January 20, 2010
1. Some that has no life.
2. A bum.
3. Someone that just sits around all day and gets nothing accomplished.
Dom your such a scrub, get up and go get a blunt.
by FreeTrial4DeatH June 04, 2007
One who denies being a total noob at everything they do, such as video games or generally life itself. they often deny they are a scrub despite multiple attempts at people telling them that they are.
DJ and Mike are scrubs at life.
there rebuttal; " no we arent!"
case in point, deniers.
by MasterxEnabler March 16, 2011
Jacob Aiken-Philips.

One who swears they are better than they really and dont match up to the hype they say they are.
Jacob: I'm smarter than you.

Ale: Dude, you're such a scrub you're failing.
by OliDeath March 09, 2011
the act of being a noob in life. These type of people think they are better than the rest but really suck. A synonym for scrub is also Kaushal Desai
Wow, check that scrub
by klutchsingh February 17, 2011

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