a guy who thinks he's fly,
thinks he can get all the ladies,
thinks he is 'the shit',
but everyone in biology knows he actually isnt!
Bro, that Epstien kid thinks he's the man with ladies! I kno, he's such a scrub!
by bbyoincorp March 20, 2011
noun; a derogitory name for an amateur used by their superiors
. "Hey, look! He's braggin about his body to his girlfriends mom!" "Wow, what a scrub"
by LibertyLippey January 09, 2011
Someone who is not as good as you.
Damm I am surround by scrubs.
by TheSamAustin July 24, 2010
1. A loser, someone who does horrible things, a better word for describing someone who can be known as "the worst"

2. Cheedie
You are such a scrub
by Got your ass! July 13, 2010
Person who thinks they are all that. But ain't got no game!
Sachin patel is such a scrub!!
by Cowboyzz October 02, 2009
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