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someone who doesn't do work
Dude, that punk new kid is such a scrub, now I gotta do the work
by captian cartwheel March 03, 2010
a person who sucks at life, usually found on the basketball court.
Look at those Asians trying to play basketball, what a bunch of scrubs.
by da-beast December 25, 2009
See, Noob.
Dude, you're a scrub! You came into the match talking smack, and now look at you, yeah that's right I beat you. Go home noob.
by Ru22311 September 19, 2009
Any person who has a facebook display picture of them in a stupid place i.e. tree, ocean, landmark ect.
look at the scrubs dp hes on a boat
sum1 that realy sucks at life, especially at socom
mexican1: holmes, that kilnerio guys a scrub
mexican2: no shit esse
by jaxon77 June 05, 2009
A person who is so inferior that his existence proves no purpose to society or the people around him. Scrubs are jokes to themselves and usually think highly of themselves.
Scrubs are also a term used on a popular game of dota.
1) Dump that guy, he ain't nothing but a scrub.
2) That scrub can't get any game kills.
3) Andy Q is a scrub.
by DuMa Lmaonade March 14, 2008
(gaming term--commonly used in Battle.net channels such as Clan TDA, mostly in and in reference to Defense of the Ancients Allstars) A person who is lacking in skills--especially at a game that requires "micro" (micromanagement skills of multiple units) or correct hero and item builds in order to be successful. Compare with n00b/newb/noob Differs from "noob" slightly in skill level, but still isn't pro and probably never will be. In short, a scrub goes through the motions, but truly has no clue what they are doing.
"Wow, my teammate is such a scrub. He should stop playing TDA and go back to playing random pubs."

"0-12 Crystal Maiden, GG you scrub. Who the hell gets Sange/Yasha on THAT hero?"
by Koby_Fish February 20, 2008