Uber M1
I got Killed By A Scrub
by theman14114 February 14, 2011
Lowest social standing available. Usually name julian, complete and total douchebag, thinks he's got wheels, but is a failure with the ladies. Just an all around tool.
Cole: Hey Julian!
Julian: What?
Cole: Your a scrub.
by KoolaidNFrozenpizza August 31, 2010
Someone who sucks at life and whom smells, never showers, is extremely ugly, and has no friends.
Oh Franklin is a SCRUB!!!!
by ScrubHater March 04, 2010
someone who doesn't do work
Dude, that punk new kid is such a scrub, now I gotta do the work
by captian cartwheel March 03, 2010
See, Noob.
Dude, you're a scrub! You came into the match talking smack, and now look at you, yeah that's right I beat you. Go home noob.
by Ru22311 September 19, 2009
Any person who has a facebook display picture of them in a stupid place i.e. tree, ocean, landmark ect.
look at the scrubs dp hes on a boat
sum1 that realy sucks at life, especially at socom
mexican1: holmes, that kilnerio guys a scrub
mexican2: no shit esse
by jaxon77 June 05, 2009

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