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2 definitions by Tehanu

Collective noun for teabaggers
a scrotum of teabaggers

from TBogg: at firedoglake.com, 3/20/10

Courtesy of Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-Lollipop Guild) we present a snapshot of <strike>a quantity a bunch a multitude a large crowd</strike> a scrotum of teabaggers who descended upon the Capital today...
by Tehanu March 21, 2010
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Meaningless gibberish about economics meant to make an ignorant writer sound authoritative.
...in the comments there was some minor quibbling and tut-tutting and a healthy-heapin’ handful of econobonics words like “predictive,” “multi-causal,” “independent predictor,” “differing methodologies,” and “intervening assumptions” ...

(from tbogg at firedoglake dot com, 2010-07-27, "Quivering-with-antici-pation")
by Tehanu July 28, 2010
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