prison warder
that screw wiv the tattoo, took out debbie, bought her a screwdriver and then screwed her ass off.
by theWestHamfan December 30, 2003
London definition. To be angry. Verb - to screw. Adjective - screwing.
What you screwing for?
Just get the fuck out of my face yeah?
by Jackie-F September 09, 2005
to fuck someone/something, in pussy or ass
I fucked Janie last night.
by YourMoM December 29, 2004
1) A simple machine of the inclined plane type consisting
of a spirally grooved solid cylinder and a correspondingly
grooved hollow cylinder into which fits

2) An act of sexual intercourse ; to fuck
1- "I'm going to need some screws to fix this bookshelf"

2- "Don't you wanna screw that fine chick over there?"
#screw #fuck #hump #sex #intercourse #machine
by truongster June 10, 2008
To be totally messed.
Used in aggresion towards someone.
To fuck.
Dude, your screwed.
Screw you fuckface!
I screwed her.
by Guywithknife June 08, 2004
Oddly, many remember this expression as a term used in describing music i.e. This is screwed music, or this tune is screwed... without realizing the basis of it.

In the 'old days' mechanical turntables were used to 'play' 'records'. These had an adjustment screw which allowed one to set its rotation speed to a calibrated reference, to maintain 'high fidelity', (usually a radial pattern was put on the turntable and a 60 hz lamp made a standing wave pattern which visually allowed a user to synch the speed to the lamp). The 'screw' which was actual a 'bolt', would move an internal cone, and attachment to the spindle of the drive motor, and there a transfer wheel rubbing on the inside of the bottom of the turntable wheel, would press on it. Thus turning the screw, forced the transfer wheel to locate itself along a different conic radius, spinning the record at a different speed.

As the 'art' of 'playing a record' evolved, the use of this 'screw' to imply a taste onto the record playback, through its speed, became popular. Some turntables were later offered with servo (electromechanical) screws, so that speed modification, could be encoded and programmed, for repeatable shows. It was first merely a technology, which turned to art, and then converted to an appreciation of the result, which made this term popular... then, the term... became separated and self standing as slang.
Using the calibration screw to adjust turntable speeds:

We bang screw when were fucked up.

Down South We bang screw all day and night
#screw #turntable #dj #slow #music
by jonadark April 23, 2009
Have sex with, or used by a screwdriver. Similar to nail
I'd like to screw that biatch!
#screw #nail #fuck #sex #srcew
by ade! November 29, 2007
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