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When you read a BBM message without actually opening the conversation, so the sender does not know that it has been read. This makes it easier to avoid them because the sender is unaware they are being ignored.
I was so annoyed with Jake so I started screening his messages.
by Elsherzies May 21, 2011
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A term used to describe a form of cheating in video games most common in the game mode split-screen, where the different players battle each other on one screen split into different compartments per player (4 player max.).

By looking at a other players screen, the location and other information about that player can be found.
Dude, the only reason you knew where I was hiding was because you were screening!
by ThatRegret April 10, 2010
is the act of seeing someone's name (someone is calling you) on your cellephone screen and deciding not to answer for whatever reason.
are you guys screening my calls? i tried to reach you a couple of times but nobody answered
by chagra April 28, 2015
To read text on a computer screen, cellphone screen, Kindle screen or PDA screen or BlackBerry screen; replaces the term "reading" which now only refers to reading print text on paper
"I hate reading print newspapers now. I do all my screening online."
by PRwiz101 February 14, 2009
usually an indie movie or film. When this word is used, I tend to imagine that it is cheaper or free as opposed to when it's CALLED a movie or a flm.

Indie elitists use this term to sound cool, as do I.
1. Let's go watch the (insert film here) screening tonight.

2. I heard they're screening (insert film her) at (x location). Let's go watch.
by rise up rise against June 21, 2004

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